I wanna SCREAM

Past few days has been crazy and stressful. For some reason T has been pushing ALL my buttons and been basically a ROYAL BRAT. I just don’t know what is going on with him, I guess its part of the terrible two’s or something. He hasn’t been wanting to listen or doing anything. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just want to scream at the top of my lungs but I can’t. Lately D has been getting decently lazy around here. D I know you will be reading this and I’m sorry if you get upset but you have been getting lazy. I know he works 2pm-11pm but he don’t do that hard of a job, he works at a call center. My stress level has been way over the limit and just can’t take it anymore. Now I love being a mommy but us mom’s do get to a point where we just wanna go insane from everything.

It doesn’t help being a little depressed cause we’ve been wanting to have another child and having no luck. WHY?! Cause I have PCOS so I don’t have monthly like normal and all my doctor wants to do is put me on birth control, um hello yes it will regulate me but I won’t be able to conceive, so how is that going to help me?! As soon as I go off the pill I go back to not having anything, she put me on ten day pill to start me back up and guess what, had monthly then stopped for a week and then went again lightly and that was in Sept. 2011 and nothing since. Now I’ve taken plenty of test and all are negative but hey back in 09′ I took one and said it was neg but guess what I was 6wks preggers. If I go to the docs they won’t do anything they only go by a pee test, good doctors NOT. They never listen but hey nothing I can do its the only doc around will take my insurance. So with having that constantly on my mind it makes me bum at times during the day.

I also have been slacking on my workouts, I haven’t done a workout in about 2wks and just haven’t had the motivation to want to. I just can’t handle all this bull crap anymore.


Sorry I had to vent thank you for letting me vent a little.


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