So I decided to try and make a backpack for T. Well once I finally put a pattern together I decided to make it out of Thomas & Friends fabric cause its T’s favorite. I should have just not made the bag. It took me lil over 2hrs to make it cause the outside fabric I went and quilted it and used some batting to make it softer. I went to go give it to T and he just looked at me and said “no” then started screaming at me. So now the bag just sits on the table for nothing, I guess I wasted my time and¬†frustration making it, I just can’t believe he don’t want nothing to do with it. I did manage to get it on his back for 2.2 but he screamed and screamed while it was on so I could get a quick photo.

I think it came out decently good since I made my own pattern and was my first time making a backpack.


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