Potty Update

So we have been potty training T for quite sometime, I believe since July 2011 just a little bit before his 2nd birthday. We have had many ups and downs with it as does many parents when trying to potty train. There was also times were we had to literally stop with it cause he was just refusing to use the potty, but thankfully we got over that hurdle. Now we are at using the actual toilet. For a while we have been working at him going from using his little potty to an actual potty so when we are out in public or at his nana’s we can get him to use the potty.

His little potty turns into a footstool so we placed it in front of the toilet and he climbs up on it and sits on the toilet and goes pee. His Gigi has gotten him to actually stand and pee once, but hey it takes time. I am getting proud of him on how far he has come with his potty training. Our next step will be not having to wear a pull-up when he goes to bed, but good things come to those who wait.

It was cute today we were just chilling out at home and daddy had to work overtime so we decided to relax, we were upstairs and he was quiet and Gigi asked him what he was doing he said “pee” so she quickly got him in the bathroom (thankfully we have a toilet up and down) and helped him on the toilet and he went pee!! A few hours later he brings me the seat to his toilet and says “pee” so in the bathroom we go and he gets up on the potty and goes again! I just smile every time he gets on the toilet and goes, also gotta get him to go into the bathroom himself and go when he has too, but it takes time. Its kinda funny being in the bathroom when he goes cause after he is done he takes his hand and shakes it then when he gets down I give him a piece of toilet paper and he wipes his winkie (cause c’mon men just shaking it you still get pee in your undies) and puts it in the toilet and the closes the lid and flushes it, next we go and wash our hands and put his undies (or as he says nundies) on. For some reason he has to go and take his undies off completely then go to the bathroom for some reason, I don’t know why.

But I am so proud of him in how far he has come with the potty, now if we can just get him to stop with his attitude we will be doing better lol. I am sorry if anyone gets upset with this post, but I am a proud mommy and sometimes I love to share his progress, us mom’s have that right!!


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