Cheap & Cute

So today we did some shopping and I went to the Dollar Store (I love this place!) and I saw some cute glasses and pretty flowers. Now the glasses I don’t know what they are for, possibly drinking or for what I did but I loved the design on it, and they had so many different beautiful flowers I pick just two cause more would have been over done. Next I had to figure out how I was going to be able to keep them in the container with no problems. I found some of those glass thing’s some people put in the bottom of a clear vase or a fish tank and well T helped me pick out the right ones. We came home and T helped mommy place the flowers in the container and add the blue things, he was having fun with that part. Now I have beautiful flowers that won’t wither and if someone comes over with allergies it won’t bother them. I just love the colors I chose and guess what it was a total of $4 for all the stuff, not bad! I’m thinking maybe going and getting some more and make them for some special people I love in my family for Valentines Day.

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