Going Crazy….

That’s what it seems like lately around here, why?, mainly cause of T and him going thru the terrible two stage. Last week he was sick took him to the ER they said everything looked good so he must of had the flu cause he wasn’t dehydrated or anything and his oxygen level was good, even tho he was puking a lot. I swear he must have the cleanest sheets in town with all the washing they had. I don’t know if its from him being sick or what but the past few days T has been a major terror. He is doing much better now, so maybe he is getting cabin fever from being in the house too much. But we can’t go out cause its still decently cold out and he won’t wear a snow hat and gloves so he could get sick and we don’t need that again.

He has not been wanting to listen to anyone and throwing shit around. We haven’t been wanting to take our nap cause its more fun to throw our toys around, we have his toys put up everywhere throughout the house even in the kitchen above the cabinets cause of him throwing toys. He got mad one day and thru his sports bottle and literally broke it, he has one heck of a temper and a good throwing arm. Guess that’s what happens with the attitude when your daddy is Scottish, Polish and Irish and your mother is Canadian, Native American and have a little German. Because he has seen his Gigi throw stuff down the stairs he thinks he can too, so now we throw our toys down the stairs and thankfully he hasn’t broken any (yet).

I just don’t know what to do I am at my wits end with him, it got so bad i just screamed at him cause he was screaming at me I couldn’t take it anymore. But good news today and yesterday T has been decently good. Yesterday we went to get some groceries and he wore big boy undies instead of a pull-up and had NO accident, just making a trip to the bathroom a lot, cause this kid has to pee about every 10mins, but he can hold it if need be, he has a good bladder and doc says there is nothing wrong with it. He was also very helpful yesterday shopping normally he is whinny but he wasn’t he walked with us and helped put food in the cart.

Has anyone gone thru this with their toddler? T will be 3 in July and it has just been crazy around here with him, my fiance goes “are you sure our son ain’t bi-polar? lol cause one minute he is fine and next he is throwing a fit”. Hmm I don’t know, might just be how kids are or he could have ADHD since he has family on both sides that have it my brother has ADHD/ODD, so maybe that’s what T has cause I remember my brother sometimes being like this.

Anyone else’s kids having cabin fever? I am thinking that’s what T is going thru plus he has NO kids around his age to hang out with and in this small town there are no play groups or activities for little kids his age.



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