On the 15th went to Walmart and of course I always try and check out their clearance section, cause you can find great deals! Well I seen this kindermat and wanted to get it for T so this way when he is super tired he can just pass out on it downstairs instead of fighting with him to go to his room. It was originally $14 before taxes but got it for $7 and its def worth the money. When we got home took it out of the package to see how T would like it, well at first he was a little iffy but then, well can say fell in love with it. He likes to go and jump on it, run back and forth on it and/or do tumbling. Its nice cause our floors downstairs are cement and have like I swear no padding and really thin cheap carpets (joy of living in these types of apartments) so now when he tumbles he won’t hurt his head. I can’t wait to make a cover for him, probably something that is Thomas & Friend fabric or Cars. I know this mat will be very handy on our up coming vacation cause he will have somewhere’s to lay and not have to share a bed or pay almost $10/night for a roll away bed at the hotel. I just love this mat and so does T its so cute watching him play on it, cause he’d be really quiet and you go to see what he is doing and he is either jumping or tumbling on the mat having a good ol’ time.


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