Such a sweet heart

Yesterday I made chocolate cookies with white chips and well they got left out on the counter. This morning D woke up and took care of T and always lets me get a little bit more sleep, well T came into our room to wake mumma up so cute cause he comes in the room and just climbs in bed. Well a few mins later I hear T going down the steps and then back upstairs to come into our room. I’m laying there still trying to finish waking up, since I don’t know what good sleep is anymore, always tossing and turning. But anyways, T climbs into our bed and takes my hand and puts a cookie in it, then sits down and eats a cookie too. I looked in my hand and just went “awww” he brought a cookie up for mumma and one for himself. I then asked if he had one for daddy, he goes “NO” even asked if he would get one for daddy he says “no” so guess he isn’t too mad at mommy.

Now if we can just get him to stop this screaming non-sense will be doing better. Every time he don’t get his way he screams at the top of his lungs, and I have to keep telling him to stop and when he don’t I just have to walk away cause it gets too out of hand, or I’ll just sit on the couch watch him throw his toys and wait for him to stop his non-sense.


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