Lack of Post

I just wanted to let my followers know I am still here. Things have just been really crazy around here so haven’t had the time/patience to be able to sit and right a blog, all part of being a parent right?

Well lets see, T has been a major terror lately. He has his good days and his bad days. When he gets mad and can’t get his way he will scream at the top of his lungs and throw his toys. It has been very stressful with him doing this, I usually just sit back and let him cause there is nothing I can do. I try to put him in his room to chill out and he just screams and screams and I eventually give him and let him out cause where we live walls are very thin so neighbors can hear him. Also on top of that we are still dealing with not wanting to eat actual foods, we go to offer him it, he says no and throws the darn food. So he eats pancakes and pbj’s for the most part, and occasionally will eat yogurt, so we have been buying the special drinks for kids who don’t eat proper. Doctor says fine as long as he is eating something, nutritionist said “oh just let him throw the food he will eat it eventually”, um hello NO, we tried that and guess what food sat out until bed time and he still didn’t eat it. But his growth is doing good as of the beginning of Feb. he was weighing  28lbs and height of basically 3ft, they said he is doing great with weight and height. Its just getting crazy around here with him, does all parents or some parents go thru this? Or am I just the lucky one to have a kid like this?

On to other news. On top of dealing with T being a major terror, poor me and D are having some problems. It feels as if our relationship is just falling apart. Why? We have no idea, been like this for a while and doesn’t seem to get any better. But I know we will work thru this and eventually things will get better (I hope). We are also trying to plan a vacation which starts in just 2 days! We are going down to see D’s family and friends for a week, its going to be an interesting time to say the least. I know D’s parents and grandpa will be excited to see T since they barely get to see him especially D’s grandpa whom is in a nursing home. So I’ve been really stressing over this whole vaca thing to make sure everything goes right and we don’t forget anything!

So to my followers sorry this blog has been slacking, but being a full time mom and trying to plan a trip gets crazy and hopefully soon will be able to get back to making post again!!


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