Miss you?!

YES!! I miss my bloggers and everything, but we are currently on holiday and haven’t really seem to find time to do up a blog post even tho I have 2 ways of doing a post. Wednesday I got really sick, I had stuff coming from the attic and basement (if ya know what I mean) and like every 2hrs I was in the bathroom. Thankfully I have an awesome fiance that would go and clean up my puke cause I was on the potty had no where’s to go except the tub. I felt so bad cause he stayed up all early morning and day with me cause of me being so darn sick, but I did get a lot of sleep I really needed! Yesterday poor T was sick, don’t know what was wrong but he kept having a fever and at 1st we thought we were going to make a trip to the ER but finally after cool baths and baby Tylenol his fever is now down!!! He originally had a fever of like 103.5 early morning and today he is back down to normal and seems to be back to his normal self.

I can’t wait to be back home cause I really miss my bed, the hotel isn’t bad but my bed is just more comfy! I should have a few post up next week cause I have a few things I would love to share with everyone. I know I will have a post for a kindle case too, but still need to sit and write it out first then put up on here. But I hope everyone has been doing great too!


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