Baby Gifts

There is a lady at D’s work that is expecting a little girl, and well D has known this lady since he first starting working there before T was born. Then he quit the job to be closer to home but went back there and now the lady is his supervisor lol. I still say that’s how D got back into the place, but hey who knows lol. I figured I would be the nice guy and make her something cause I know her and D are good friends. At first I had no idea what I was going to make, but knew I wanted to at least make a blanket. So I went to my trusty friend….Google lol and looked up sewn baby gifts, and man found a lot of neat stuff.

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So I decided to make her a blanket, burp clothes and little footies. The blanket came already pre-made except the border, was the way I bought it at Walmart, I couldn’t find any pretty material to make one except this, kinda sucks everything else was already done but oh well. Then the burp clothes which I found the pattern thru Google, omg these things are so darn cute and soft!! Made out of two pieces of flannel and 1 piece of batting. You clip the edges to give it a frill look. The little footies I was so iffy about making cause I thought I wasn’t going to have good luck making them, well I 2nd guessed myself. These things actually came out really cute!! The pattern I used was very simple to understand too!

I so can’t wait to hear how she reacts to the gifts. D will be taking them in to her on Friday, I really do hope she likes, no wait LOVES them as much as I do!!

Shoulder Burp Clothes tutorial thanks to Homemade by Jill, so glad to have came across her blog! 3 Seam baby footies I have to thank New Conceptions™, once again so glad to have come across this site as well! I so love Google and like that there are people out there that are nice enough to share awesome patterns with everyone else!


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