Are you okay T?

Zen Master lol

Okay all week I swear there as been something wrong with my son. You may ask yourself “why?”. Well he has been super good, and that’s not normal, maybe terrible 2s almost over?! T has only acted up a few times but wasn’t as bad as he usually is. He has been kinda helpful and just plain out right GOOD, T has also been really good about going up for naps and not fighting with anyone, bath time not fighting. He went outside 2 days ago and the neighbors little one was outside and the two of them played super good, to which I was surprised about.

I am just enjoying T being like this cause I haven’t been as stressed like I usually am. He ain’t screaming or fighting as much with everyone. I think he may throw a little fit 2 times a day and he used to throw a fit that seemed like 1000 times a day. He has also been good about helping clean up his mess (sometimes). Maybe its just a phase or maybe like I mentioned we are almost out of the terrible 2s, but I am so loving it.

Anyone else’s kid go thru this, they are just basically brats and then all of a sudden they are all calm and being good?


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