Marshmallow Bunny Plushies

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These has to be the cutest bunnies I’ve seen! I am subscribed to Sew Can She and once a day she post a new tutorial based on anything, they are sometimes stuff she has come across and likes it to where she shares with everyone else. Either a few days ago or last week (sorry been crazy around here) she posted about these cute “Marshmallow Bunny Plushies“, the lady who came up with this is very cleaver and I am so glad to have made this. When I first printed the pattern out I thought it looked kinda small, but once I got the fabric cut out and put together its the perfect size and so darn cute. I used fleece like it mentioned and I really don’t like using it since I screwed up so much with it but the bunny still came out really cute. These would make perfect gifts for the little one on Easter. T got a hold of the bunny and I haven’t gotten it back yet, I had to chase him around the house to get pictures. I think I am going to make a few more to have around the house cause they are just to darn cute. Hope whomever comes across this post checks out the pattern and makes it, cause they are just so cute.


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