Teaching myself to be left handed?!

Yeah sounds crazy right? Well I am def a right handed person and have been the past 24yrs lol. T however is a left handed toddler, to which he got from his uncle and his great uncle. Since no one in the house is left handed, I figured I would teach myself how to be left handed so I can help T out when it comes to needing to do stuff with his left hand. I feel like a little kid all over again learning how to use my hands, it is proving to be a little hard but its for my son, I would do anything for him. We are planning on home-schooling him when he gets to the school age because the school here forces their kids to use their right hands and I believe its just simply wrong, and also the public schools have gotten bad and why pay for private school when I can teach him myself?! So with going to home-school I really need to know how to do certain things left handed so I can help teach him.

It was so cute this morning, I made him his little pancakes and I had a waffle we each had a glass of milk sat at the table and ate breakfast together. Now he always eats his food (what little he eats) with his fingers, I figured its time he really needs to learn how to use his fork, spoon is no problem but fork is challenging. So since we were eating together I would show him how to use a fork left handed. This was very challenging for me to do but actually did really good myself, T once he got the hang of it did an awesome job. He just has to still learn how to hold the fork better left handed and pick up his food. It was just so cute and he was so proud of himself, I feel kinda bad cause he always see people using a different hand then him, so now its my mission to teach myself to be left handed.

Have any of you go and do something like this for your child?


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