Toddlers love to annoy parents

The above title is SO true. Now I love T with all my heart but he loves to go and annoy me everyday. He will be on the floor playing with his trains while I check my email and he has to go and say “coochie crashed” and of course I will respond back and then he keeps saying it like 50 times seems like. I keep telling him “I know he crashed I heard” and finally a few times telling him that he stops. What I really don’t like is when I am trying to do something important T comes up to me and starts annoying me. Telling me the same thing over and over and over again. Another annoyance is when he comes up to you and says “What you doing mumma?”. Ugh I can be just sitting on the couch and he will ask that question its like “I’m just sitting here what you doing?” and he’ll go and run off.

On a side note, his vocabulary is getting so much better. We were thinking for a while he would have a speech problem like I did but he is doing so much better. But the booger kinda has a potty mouth, yes we have sworn a few time in front of him but really try to watch out mouths. If he falls down on his butt he go and say “ouch my ass” and its like we keep telling to say butt or even booty and he keeps saying ass. Now I tried getting him to say Stitch from Lilo and Stitch but he says bitch >_< I guess won’t be saying stitch out in public.

No matter how much my son may annoy me and stress me out at times I love the booger with all my heart, and if I wasn’t a mom I don’t know what I would have done. I love all the craziness a child brings into your life!


One thought on “Toddlers love to annoy parents

  1. My two year old is the same. He’ll literally repeat the same phrase over and over and over until I finally say it back to him. Maybe they’re double checking their pronunciation? lol


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