Family Easter

This Easter went pretty good for us. On April 7th we took T to his 1st Easter Egg Hunt and we all didn’t like it especially T. We waited in line to pay a $1.00 to register then when time to start they tell the parents the children go and get 1 egg. I couldn’t believe that 1 freaking egg?!?! They do the hunts in age groups and T wasn’t so into it cause it was so crowded but he got an egg with 3 small chocolate eggs now my son HATES candy, so that was a waste, turn in the plastic egg and got a sticker for it. We went over to the other building and paid another $1 and got 5 tickets and T got to play a few games. Now he had more fun with the games then the egg hunt. Thankfully we decided to have an egg hunt just for him here at the house.

Easter Sunday, T came downstairs to find his basket and found a play tent and we told him to look inside and he found his basket. He was so excited it was so cute to see, he was very excited. Now T don’t like candy so we bought him a few toys and 2 DVD’s, which isn’t a bad thing he don’t like candy but he is the only kid I know around here that don’t like candy at his age, but I’m liking it!

The play tent we got for him.

His stuff he got, including his Easter outfit!

After everyone ate breakfast and showered D went out and hid some eggs for T. He hid a few out front of the house and the rest out back. It was so cute when we started outside looking for them. He was getting so excited when he seen the 1st one, he gasped, smiled & got excited! Then when finding more he go “I found egg” and we had to keep telling him to put them in his basket, then the basket where the handle is the eggs would fall out so daddy carried the basket for him. We filled the eggs with some small Nutter Butter cookies and some with change and had 1 special egg that had a car in it, he got really excited when he found the special egg.

Going outside looking for his eggs

Having fun running in the backyard. 

After finding all his eggs we decided to head inside and open up eggs and see what the Easter bunny left us. He would get excited each time he would open up an egg. Some of the eggs he had a hard time trying to open so we told tap it on the table to help “crack” the egg and then open it. I loved some of the eggs I found, on Friday we went to the next town over to the Dollar Tree to get supplies for the egg hunts and found the cutest eggs that had sayings on them, made sure they didn’t get ruined so we can use them for next year.

Some of the cute eggs I bought at Dollar Tree

Showing everyone one of his eggs.

As we do every year we headed over to my grams and gramps or as T calls them Nana & Papa. Now I love going over there cause I know they enjoy seeing T and I get to see our cat but after awhile it does get boring and T kinda gets anxious after awhile. We decided to have another little egg hunt at their house so his Nana could watch and see how much fun he has looking for the eggs. So off D went to hid more eggs and told T that the bunny had left something outside for him here too! It was so cute watching T and his Nana walking around outside looking for eggs, I couldn’t tell who was having more fun lol. It was just so awesome watching them two walk around looking for eggs, he loves his Nana and she loves her only great grandson.

T & his nana looking for eggs

Overall we had an amazing Easter, yes some of our family couldn’t be there cause some well went to someone else’s for Easter and another well kinda won’t be around for another 3-5yrs, to whom I miss a lot cause he was the one that kept the family together and made sure everyone was together for the holidays, but that’s alright soon he will be around for the holidays and he can finally get to meet his great nephew. Again overall it was a decent holiday another problem I had was the ham was cold and I do not like cold ham hence the reason why I don’t eat ham lunch meat cause it don’t taste right cold, but that’s alright I ate it so my gramps didn’t get mad at me. Poor D today something didn’t agree with him last nights dinner and now is sick and had to call into work, hopefully he starts feeling better. We were able to get a decent picture of me and D together since I don’t like getting my pic taken, and we finally were able to get another family picture taken too! It was at my grams but hey at least we were able to get one right?!

Me & D

Our family Easter pic

We hope everyone whom comes across this blog had an awesome and blessed Easter like we did!! I would also like to finish this post with 2 songs stuck in my head, one is a funny and another is an interesting one. So the 1st one is a techno chicken song I heard on an episode of Storage Wars so darn funny but this video is a short version but Youtube has the full and the 2nd song is actually from the Internet Explorer 9 commercial and I looked up the song and its actually a really good song. Enjoy and have an amazing day everyone!


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