Trip to Jo-Ann’s Fabric

Last week I went into Jo-Ann’s to get some fabric and got a little flyer for 15th-22nd with a bunch of sales. I told my fiance I would really like to go and get some fabric and patterns during the sale and he said go ahead! I love my fiance he is the best guy ever and has said all the time he would spend his last dollar on his family no matter what. So today I asked if I would be able to go and he said yeah I asked how much do I have to spend he said is $100 enough? Seriously?! That’s def more then enough for me, but I found a few bucks in my desk so that gave me a little bit more. I had my mom pushing T around in a stroller while I pushed a shopping cart looking for fabric. I would say I spent maybe almost 2hrs in the store and boy could I tell my son was getting very ansy just sitting there in a stroller but I made it up to him I went and bought him a chocolate chip cookie his favorite.

Got to where my mother hooked the stroller to the cart and was helping me push was easier lol

So I spent the whole $100 my fiance gave me and thankfully I had some change on me cause I went a little over. I enjoyed all the sales they had going on there, if I had more money to spend I would have but having a limit kinda sucked lol. I just felt like a kid in a candy shop with all the sales going on and all the fabric I love going into this place. So some of their sales which is still going until this Saturday, include 50% off certain fabrics, there was some marked down for $1.99/yd and ALL McCall patterns except the Sew Easy ones were all on sale for $.99 and had a limit of 10. If I could have found more patterns I knew I would have used some time I would have gotten them but I only found 2. Both of the patterns I got were almost $20 a piece I couldn’t believe it so glad I waited on getting the patterns until this sale! So I got some fabric for a blanket someone ordered, fabric for a project I will be working on the side which is what most of the fabric is for, and then some fabric for my Etsy shop so I can make some more items and have available.

All the items I bought, may have to click on to see bigger image to compare to the chart for the price I got on sale.

If you look at previous pic you can see what cost what and see what I had gotten on sale!

So the 2 above pictures as they are titled are the items I bought and how much I got on sale. I just wanted to share cause I got good deals on some items and wanted to let some people know, hopefully some can read this before Saturday so you can go out and possibly get some deals or go online and get the deals too. So in total I spent $101.74 and I saved a total of $91.61!!!! That’s just crazy if you ask me but so glad to have gone to this sale. I also got a card for 30% my next total purchase during the week of 22nd – 28th and I received that for spending at least $50 before taxes on stuff. I know I will probably hitting the store again during that week so I can use my card to get another discount.

Overall I believe I did a great job with everything and T actually was pretty good in the store to my surprise even tho I don’t think some of the workers appreciated him yelling when he was wanting to get out of the stroller but c’mon what mom wants to chase their kid thru a store and I had no one to watch him. Well I had a awesome day and hope everyone else did too!!!


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