Life Cereal

T loves this type of cereal and its the only type he likes but he has a tendency of making a mess with it. Me & D went to go take our showers and well T just runs thru the house doing what he wants cause if we put him in his room he just screams. So I get done with mine D goes in to get his and I head to our room only to find the bedroom door shut. I knock on it waiting for T to come to it open and give me that smile he always does. Not this time I knocked again and nothing so I figured he was hiding again in our room. I open the door calling his name looking around and I hear him giggle he is hiding in the space between the bed and wall. When I seen him & our bed all I could say was oh my gosh!!! Apparently T went downstairs to get his bowl of dry life cereal (cause he don’t like in it yet) and went to our room with it, and crushed it on our bed my side of course and all over the floor where he was hiding. I was mad at first like any parent would be but he gave me that smile I couldn’t resist and just smiled back at him. When D got out of the shower I said “hunny you won’t believe what our son did” he goes oh no. He walks into the room and just shakes his head, he went and got the vacuum for me and got it all cleaned up.

I just love how my son takes his cereal and gets it everywhere and then won’t even help clean it up just laughs and runs away. A few days ago I was cleaning the living room and pulled up the cushions to our couch just to find more life cereal hiding there. Who knows how long its been there but would explain why I found some ants under the couch one time. So off to get the vacuum and cleaned the couch I think it was just put there that day cause T was eating it and had some on the floor.

Overall I guess its all part of being a parent to a toddler and I enjoy every minute of it.


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