Excuse You

T has been getting so much better with his manners, well when he wants to. He usually when he wants something will ask “pwease” but sometimes forget to say thanks but then he has days to where he remembers to say thanks. There are also moments when instead of saying please he says thanks, I just have to chuckle every time he does that.

I don’t know how many 2 year olds can do this but when T passes gas or burps he says “xcuse you” then giggles. My cousins and the kids from a preschool I took care of I swear never said excuse me when they would fart or burp and they were older then 2. Maybe because every time we do we say it and when he does it we tell him excuse you?! I just think its pretty cool, but funny at the same time cause instead of saying excuse me he says excuse you. Its also funny when he farts cause you’ll hear it then he starts giggling then you get the smell and omg its usually really bad, when you tell him he stinks he giggles and takes off. He has gotten better with the excuse you cause he says it when he burps or farts and when anyone else does it and forgets to say it.

I know to some of you readers you probably don’t care bout this post but I am just proud of my son and I like to share interesting stories about him. Anyone have an interesting story related to this please do share!!


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