I must be crazy…

I decided a while ago to actually start up an Etsy shop. Wow I think I need to start keeping my ideas to myself and not move forward with them. Now I love to sew and really enjoy doing it but anymore it just seems like I don’t have time for it. I’ve been going crazy trying to think of what I wanna sell in my shop and then have to go and get the stuff made up, so this way the customers will get their stuff quicker. So far I have 13 tote bags finished and gotta get the matching crayon rolls done, thankfully I already have the fabric cut out for them.

On top of trying to get things ready for the shop I have a bunch of side projects I really wanna get done. I found an apron pattern that I wanna get made up, I have a few dog outfits I gotta get done before I get yelled at bout it again, have a blanket someone orders that I need to get done but I need to go back out and get more batting and I some how forgot the binding thankfully the lady who ordered it said no hurry on it. I had a set of burp clothes I’ve been needing to get done that I finally sat down and done now that the baby I made them for is a month old and was going to make them before he was born.

With all this sewing need to be done I have to keep in mind I’m a mom & fiance. So before D goes to work I try and spend time with him, then after he leaves mom-mode kicks in and I try and dedicate all my time to T, but he just usual winds up playing by himself not wanting to be bothered by anyone. When he is in that type of mode I try and start to try and get some more sewing done. But I feel like a bad mother cause I feel as if I’m not spending any time with T when in reality I’m spending a lot with him, I just gotta get my head straight.

Today proved that I am a good mom and haven’t been neglecting time with my son, we sat down and he wanted me to read to him. I read about 6 books until he got tired of them, then he wanted me to read to him HIS ABC book, we read it 2 times but different each time. The first time we went thru and just said the ABCs he did really good better then I thought because of with how crazy its been I felt like I was being a bad mom but that got proven wrong. He did a great job saying them and only had a problem with one or maybe two words. Then we went back thru the book and named off all the pictures we had in it and he named them all and only had a problem with two words and to my surprise he actually knew some of the words before I even said them.

So I guess I’m not a bad mother I spend a lot of time with my son either playing or doing crafts or even doing some learning. Just maybe the reason why I feel this way is cause there are days to where he is so lazy he don’t wanna participate in anything. Starting up this Etsy shop has proven to be a royal pain but I hope its going to be worth it, my biggest fear is no one will wanna buy or if they do, they are not going to be happy with the product.

Hopefully in the up coming weeks I will actually have the shop open for business!! Oh be sure to keep an eye out my 1 year blog anniversary is coming up May 23rd and might be doing something special for it!



4 thoughts on “I must be crazy…

  1. Yeah, don’t you love those moments where you think, gosh I suck at this mother stuff! It seems like I had a couple of those moments just last week. lol. You Rock! Have a wonderful day!


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