“May the fourth be with you”!!!

That’s right folks! Today is the day all us geeks/dorks celebrate Star Wars!

This day is not an “official” day but it is a day US fan created not Lucasfilm or any of those snooty people lol. They may have not created this day but they do participate in the event, which is pretty bad ass if you ask me! A day us fans created and the people who made the show help participate in the geeky day so I guess they ain’t snooty right?!

From the Washington Post:

In a statement released Thursday evening, Lucasfilm extended a “thank you” to fans for making May 4 Star Wars Day: “Lucasfilm salutes the many fans who have made May the Fourth, Star Wars Day. It’s their passion and enthusiasm for the Saga that has kept it alive and vibrant for over thirty years! May the Force (And Fourth) be With You.”

Now that’s pretty cool if ya ask me! To be honest I was one of those chicks that thought Star Wars was too geeky and lame but I guess I was just trying to hid my inner geekdom and not let anyone know. When I met my fiance 5 years ago he helped bring out the geekness in me and couldn’t be any happier! I just love Star Wars its a good series to follow!

Even tho some people believe this is the date when Star Wars was first released it wasn’t. In fact the movie wasn’t released until May 25th, but c’mon you can’t come up with a catchy phrase using the 25th can ya? From what I’ve read higher ups have tried to make May 25th an actual celebration but us fans don’t want it cause you can’t get any better then “May the fourth be with you”. Just remember my fellow geeks just cause today is Star Wars day doesn’t mean its the same day it was released.

How is everyone  I mean my fellow geeks going to celebrate this day?! I’m thinking a light saber battle with my little guy. We have a red and blue one that make the noise and he loves having battles with his mommy and daddy. It’s just so much fun and maybe later today when D gets home we will watch a Star Wars episode who knows. Maybe I will pull out some of the Star Wars fabric I have and make something cool with it.

So to everyone have a great day you will and:

“May the force fourth be with you”!

My lil’ guy rocking the light saber older pic but hard to get a recent one when your having a light saber battle lol

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