Cookie Cake Pie

No its not 3 separate things its 3 things you will cook all together!!

All made up and just frosted

Yesterday I was browsing around the internet looking for something different to do. T was passed out in the couch so sewing and cleaning was a no cause it could wake him up. I came across a recipe on Cut Out + Keep and I just thought it was the neatest thing I’ve seen and wanted to give it a try. A lady named Jessie came up with a way to combine cookie, cake & pie 3 things almost everyone loves into one thing and called it The Cookie Cake Pie.

The recipe was decently cheap to make this pie. It requires cookie dough a cake mix, pie crust and of course the pie dish. The cookie recipe I have I knew wouldn’t work on this cause of how its made so I went to our local Family Dollar and got a Betty Crocker snack size chocolate chip cookie mix which only cost $1.00 and was perfect size for the pie and had no left over. The cake mix you can use any type of cake you want, I used the confetti cake cause it looked neat and I love it. I was going to make my home-made frosting but the store didn’t have the sugar I needed so bought can, and the pie crust my mother had one left over from when she baked something so she let me have the extra she had.

Putting the pie together is so simple! All you gotta do is pre-heat your over to 350 degrees, lay the crust into your pan set aside, then mix your cookie mix set aside and then make your cake mix follow the directions as the packages said. Now grab your pan with your crust in it take your cookie dough, now if you have a small amount can lay the entire amount on the bottom but if you have a lot lay about enough that is equal to one inch. Then take your cake mix and fill the dish to where is about 1/2 – 3/4 full cause gotta leave some room for the cake to rise. Place into oven and cook until finished. Mine I kept having issues with the center cooking but finally got it. While the pie is cooking if your going to make home made frosting now is the time to do it, if not relax until finished.

A slice from the pie, don’t it look good?!

Once the pie is cooked you can either place on counter to cool or can place into freezer for bout 30mins and let it cool. Once its finished cooling take your frosting and give it a good layer, up to your liking on how much you want then for decorations can place some sprinkles and then serve. I was so nervous about making this and I was shocked at how good it came out!! Its something I would recommend everyone to give it a try and let me know what you think. Its just as good the next day, we placed it in the fridge last night after giving it a try and today I wanted a small piece and it taste just as good cold.

After 3 people trying it had bout half left over

Now doesn’t it sound really good and make you want to go out and make it?! Well you should go ahead, if you can make simple cookies and an box mix cake then you can make this! I am so glad to have found this and glad to share with others to enjoy! Let me know what ya think of it if you make it, also don’t forget I am NOT the original maker of this a lady from Cut Out + Keep named Jessie did so all credit goes to her!!


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