Quilt for Kids

On Saturday early morning I couldn’t sleep so I went on to check out some blogs. I came across Crafting My Life Away…and the recent post the lady had done. When I read it I was really excited to check it out even more. She had posted about a thing called Quilt for Kids and I immediately fell in love with the idea so I knew I had to click on the link.

Quilt for Kids is an organization who gives blankets to kids in hospitals so they can feel more at home cause most of them are not allowed to bring stuff from home with them. Now you can either send in a quilted blanket that is recommended size or you can request a kit and they send you the fabric to make a quilt then they pay for you to send it back all free. I’ve already sent out for 2 kits and so excited and can’t wait for them to get here. I’ve read if you have just a simple sewing machine and know how to sew straight you can quilt anything!

I am so glad to have come across the blog and find out about this organization. I’ve been looking to see if there was places I could give back and now I found a place. Its kinda funny I live in NY and the headquarters for the organization is in PA just a few hours from where D grew up. But these quilts are sent all over and I can’t wait to make them and send in and hear how the kids love the blanket(s). So if you want to give back and help a child go ahead and check this out!!


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