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Happy Fathers Day!

I would like to say Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and all the single mom’s that have to be the dad too, you all rock, I hope you all have a great day!

This morning we got up and I made breakfast brunch for everyone yummy homemade pancakes, hash browns and turkey sausage. To my surprise T actually sat with us and ate his breakfast brunch with everyone normally he takes his food and runs then eats. While cooking the food I decided T could give daddy his cards and 1 gift it was cute cause T helped open up his gift it was a daddy t-shirt.

D’s new shirt!

I had 2 more gifts for D but I told him he had to wait until he ate all his food (man felt like I was talking to T) he tried to be a smarty and put food back, I caught him and told him “nice try”. After eating I gave D his gifts, the 1st one he opened was a blanket I made he absolutely loved it cause he is a Star Wars geek. The next gift he open his face was priceless. It was a 6pk but each bottle was filled with candy and he just loved this gift too.

Opening up the blanket

Master Yoda I made for D

I loved his expression

D has said many of times how much this has been a good fathers day! I am glad he loves his gifts and glad he is having a good day too he deserves it! So Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing dad T could ever ask for me and T love you very much!

Aww I love my boys (wish our cat Bruiser could be here but soon!)

I would like to say really quick Happy Father’s Day to my mum. She was a single mom raising 2 kids for 20yrs, in between working going to school and trying to raise us 2 kids. Me and my bro are very thankful to have an awesome mom like the one I have.

Again Happy Father’s Day and hope you all have a wonderful day with your families!