Quilt for Kids – Finished!!

Quilt all finished!

On May 19th I found a page that was talking bout an organization that was called “Quilt for Kids” and read about it. As soon as I read it I knew I wanted to be apart of it, so I sent a request for a kit. On June 7th I received my kit in the mail and I was super excited!! Now the quilt would have been done a lot sooner then it was but you know things come up and for some reason I had days where I lost my sewing mojo. On July 11th I finally got the quilt finished and it just came out really nice.

Back of the quilt

I love the John Deere fabric they had sent me for the quilt. I had so much fun making this quilt and can’t wait to make another one for the organization so a kid in a hospital can have a blanket and feel comfortable! Then on July 13th (yeah Friday the 13th lol) it was all nice and packaged and sent back so the people could get it to a child in a hospital. I fell in love with the blanket so much I really didn’t want to send it back but I knew a child needs it more then I do lol.

Tag they sent. I named it “Little Farm Love” D also helped name it.

Some of the detail on it

So please take your time and check out the organization and maybe help out a child! They have patterns on their site for what you can do or if you want can request a kit and they will send you one.


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