Wait 3 already?!

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Well today T turned 3 years old, man where has the time gone? Me and D are just in awe at how much T has grown and still can’t believe that he is already 3 years old. He is just getting so darn big and super smart. I swear there are days where he is smarter then his own mumma. Happy birthday to the most amazing, handsome lil’ guy I get to call my son, mommy and daddy love you so very much!

We had a pirate theme birthday party for him today. We did have a chance of rain showers but thank you God for letting us actually have a great day! The party was supposed to start at 12pm but we had people already showing up at 11:30am and we weren’t even ready for the party to begin since T had just gotten out of the bath when they arrived. But we got everything set up and food got here even early too but it all worked out okay. We had some family and friends that wasn’t able to make it to his party but for the few people we had there T had a blast!! T got so many presents and so spoiled I couldn’t believe it.

A few things I was a little upset about was, I made goody bags enough for 12 kids and only had 3 show up. But I was the nice guy and gave one to our neighbors son and my cousin who is sometimes acts like a kid lol, we also have someone who lives out of state that wasn’t able to show up but we put one aside for him and going to send it to him! The other thing I was upset about was after the party was just bout over, I realized I had no decorations up except his happy birthday sign, we had a few pirate decorations to hang and never did. I think it was all cause of people showing up early it just threw us in a loop and completely forgot out it. The last thing was I got these cute cardboard pirate hats for the kids and completely forgot to give them to the kids.

So even with people showing up, food getting here early, then forgetting decorations and 1 party favor for the kids the party still turned out great! T was just having way too much fun with the kids and opening up all his gifts. Was cute opening gifts and if he seen clothes he threw on the ground and look for the toys, even tho he knew he wasn’t getting many toys for his birthday. This mumma also got some sun while having the party for T, something that I didn’t think was going to get but eh as long as T enjoyed his birthday that’s all that matter to me. Still can’t believe how awesome today came out and how much T has grown the past 3 years, time does fly when you have kids.

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