2nd Quilt for Kids!

Received another kit from Quilt for Kids back on T’s birthday (07.28.2012) and I was so excited but even more cause my baby boy was turning 3!! But back to the blanket, I didn’t start on it until August 14th cause I had lost my sewing mojo, but I did get the quilt top done in just a few hours which I am still surprised at myself for doing it that quick. Then on August 23rd I finally was able to get it finished, T went shopping with his Gigi and Nana and that gave me few hours to get it done.

At first I was a little skeptic on the choices the people had made for the fabric combos but once I got it together I can kind of see how it all goes together. Its a really cute fabric design, its a fishing theme with blue & orange squares, the backing/binding was a nice blue. This was the first quilt I got to use my new walking foot on and I got to say I am pretty darn happy with it! I am so glad to finally have gotten a walking foot maybe now my blankets will come out a bit better. Now the blanket is washed (like they want you to do) and ready to be shipped out!

Quilt for Kids (QFK) is a wonderful organization!

MISSION STATEMENT:Transforming discontinued, unwanted and other fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse.” (The mission statement is from their site I just copied it to explain all rights go to them)

I love this organization, I have yet to actually get enough courage and get my own fabric and make a blanket and ship it in, but right now I just get the kits make them and ship back. Its free to request a kit the only thing you have to pay for is batting for the middle and to ship it back. So it cost me bout $20 to make a beautiful quilt for a kid who I know is going to love it in return. If you haven’t checked them out or heard about them yet I suggest you do so, go to their site and read up on them.


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