Halloween I-Spy Blanket

So this was my first I-spy blanket I have made. I’ve seen these all over the interwebs and I just think they are so frigging cute. I was on Yardsellr one day and came across a lady who was selling a I-spy kit and it came with 50 Halloween squares for a decent price. I still had some what they call Photons (its so you can get some items a bit cheaper) and I used them so I got the squares a little bit cheaper. I received them awhile ago and looked through all the squares and they are so darn cute!

Yesterday I finally decided to sit down and make the little blanket. Cleaned off our table and laid out all the squares, well to my surprise there was actually 51 squares so I decided to do a blanket that is 9 squares by 6 squares, well I needed 3 more thankfully I had some Halloween material left from last year and guess what I had exactly 3 different types!

T was busy playing and watching Disney Jr. and I got to work, it took me a total of 3hrs from start to finish! I thought it would have taken me longer but nope T was really good and let me get it done. That even included letting T pick out the fabric for the backing since the blanket was for him and making binding for it and then quilting it. So not bad right?!

Once I was finished and showed T he was super excited over it. He kept pointing to the different squares telling me what they were and when he seen a ghost one he would go “ahhh” run and they say “it scared me” while giggling. He just loves the blanket and that makes me super happy! I can’t wait to make another I-spy blanket!


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