Potty Training *Update*

Daddy & T at the Zoo looking at mommy! (T’s first time on a ride he finally wanted to ride one!)

It’s been awhile since I last posted about T and his potty training. He has come some way with it, but still has more to go. We now will use the big potty when needed but still prefer our little potty if we are home. T will be in his big boy underwear all day and have NO accidents!! (well every now and then he will not make it to potty on time and have little dripple mark in the underwear) Night time we are still working on it, slowly but surely. He did go 3 nights in a row with going to bed in underwear and waking up dry, but then all of a sudden he started waking up with peed underwear and his little potty was right there next to his bed, so we still wear pull ups at bedtime and every now and then he will surprise himself and us when he wakes up dry! Nap time (how few they are anymore) he sometimes will wake up dry and sometimes won’t, but if he is playing in the living room and passes out on the floor he is in his underwear and will wake up dry, but he only passes out for like 30mins to an hour tops.

I have to say I am pretty proud at him when it comes to going somewhere. We give him the option to wear his big boy underwear or wear our pull ups, and sometimes he wants to wear his underwear and we stay dry the whole time! For an example Saturday (09.01.2012) we went out shopping at 2nd hand stores and he wanted to wear his underwear, now we were out for HOURS and he stayed dry. Every time he had to pee he would let us know and wouldn’t stop til daddy took him into the bathroom to go! Labor Day (09.03.2012) we went to a local zoo and boy that place was packed they had a deal you bring in a coupon you get in for a $1 instead of $10 so yeah busy as can be. We decided this was going to be a big test for T with his potty training. He wore his big boy underwear for almost 12hrs and had NO accidents, now that’s just awesome me and D were so proud of him!

Now if we can just get down the night time issues we will have no problem!


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