Pushing the buttons…

T as of lately has been pushing mommy’s buttons and he knows it too. He is just at a point that he won’t listen to me but almost anyone else he will. I know its a toddler thing but c’mon its getting old and quick. I feel so defeated cause he will listen to his father but won’t me, why? I just get my wits end and I just want to scream and pull out all my hair cause I can’t take it.

I don’t know if its cause he has no friends or kids to hang out with or cause he is always home with mommy? We don’t have anywhere’s for him to go and be with kids, we live in a small community that has nothing for little kids. I want to put him into Headstart but I am still thinking about it cause I know how his habits are especially his eating one, which is to where we only eat crackers, pbj’s and pancakes. I try to do activities with him but he loses interest so quick, and its stuff I know he would like he just doesn’t want to do them. He is the only boy I know that likes dirt but when it comes to mud heck no, he freaks out and has to wash his hands.

I know part of his reason is cause of being stuck indoors but the weather has been crazy (typical for where we live) and then there is construction now going on with the apartments and our back yards is mostly dug up from putting in a new patio its all dirt and looks like crap. So we don’t go out back much cause of that, yeah he loves the dirt but there is frigging glass we keep finding in the dirt and don’t need him getting cut.

If anyone has suggestions on ideas to keep him busy besides just letting him play and destroy the house I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS!!


3 thoughts on “Pushing the buttons…

  1. I wonder if Daddy can reinforce how important it is to listen to mommy. Does daddy listen to mommy? He is old enough to watch what daddy does and model after that. Regarding play time, he might not be feeling challenged mentally, and that’s why he’s not interested in things he liked before?


    • Daddy has told T many of times how its important to listen to mommy, cause daddy works all day so he needs to listen to mommy. Daddy always listens to mommy, just T he likes to try and see how far he can push it with mommy, cause with daddy he can’t push over like he can mommy.

      Play I try doing challenging stuff cause he never really has been into the crafts, but he is liking how he can use his special scissors to cut and then gluing but other then that he just don’t like it.


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