Happy 70th Birthday Grams!

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On Saturday September 15, 2012 we had a surprise birthday party for my grams! There was originally supposed to be a lot of people there but for some reason most of them didn’t show, but we did still have about 20-30 people there. Started off we got there early, me and ma took my grams out shopping this way they could get it set up for the party. My grams had a decent time shopping but she was getting sore and wanted to go back to the property cause they are currently living on my uncles piece of property with their camper (property has bunch of campers and chickens like a mini camp site). Finally we got the okay to come back to the property. Well when we got there the gate was closed, we played it off saying why was the gate closed and then ma honked the horn and they opened the gate. Behind the gate was everyone and they yelled surprise! My grams was crying so much, she couldn’t believe it. Her sister and niece was even able to make it up for her birthday! She just kept crying and couldn’t believe what we all did.

The party went off good, had some cake and she opened her gifts. A few people couldn’t afford much so they got her a card and scratch offs (her favorite lol), all her kids minus 1 due to personal reasons went in together and got her a gift certificate to get her hair done, nails and facial. Her sister got her really cute dish towels and oven mitts cause she is always needing those. My mom knitted her a really cute scarf, my uncle got her a nice jacket and well me I did something really nice for her. I made her a quilt that consist of 35 6in squares. Every other square had a grandchild’s name on it and her one and only great grandson (so far). Then on 2 of blocks had a message one read “Happy 70th Birthday” and the other said “Best grams/great grams, we all love you”. She LOVED all her gifts she received.

She had a good birthday party, except when her other half’s kids came up and all they did the whole time was be separated from the rest of us and get drunk. She was very upset about it and yelled at them about it and they got pissed and bitched cause she was bitching at the about drinking on HER birthday. Worse part about it was they couldn’t even get her a card and they have good paying jobs like um government jobs, but they have always been that rude.

Rest of the evening went good with a nice bonfire. Poor T was so tired he would just cry and fight with everyone, but finally he did pass out, but woke up a bit later cause he has chapped lips and they were hurting. But all in all my grams had a great time and I am glad she did too!

I wanted to share this because it was a very special moment for our family and I believe families should try and do something nice like this for one another especially when its the oldest person in your family. I love my grams and glad we were able to do this for her!

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