Toddler Backpack

Well its official T starts preschool on Monday! Me and D sat down and talked and decided to get him enrolled into preschool. They just started last Wednesday I believe but they took a bit getting T’s paperwork together. Thursday we had our at home enrollment, lady came in and I had a TON of papers to sign, then Friday we got a call and his teacher wanted us to bring T in so he could get familiarized with the classroom so it wasn’t a complete surprise to him. We took him in and he had fun exploring the classroom and he likes his teachers which is an awesome thing! He will be going Monday thru Thursday (they don’t have class Fridays) and in the afternoons. Its kinda sad cause daddy won’t be home to watch T get on the bus the first day but I will have a video for him. I just can’t believe it, my baby going into preschool. Okay enough of that said or I will start crying again, time for the backpack.

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With T going to school he needs a backpack to bring home stuff he does. I didn’t want to buy him one cause A) they are ridiculous in price B) I knew I could make one he will love more then store bought. Thursday evening I pulled out of my stash Thomas & Friends, Batman, Curious George, Mickey Mouse & Star Wars and told him pick out the one he wants to be made into his backpack. I though the would pick Thomas cause he LOVES him, but he didn’t he picked out Mickey Mouse, asked if its what he really wants and he said yes so that’s what he got. Then I forgot duh need an inside so let him pick out a inner fabric and this time he chose Thomas & Friends.

I looked all over for a simple but cute backpack and there are many like this one, then found another that had a zipper that was by Made by Rae but I wanted one with NO zippers. Finally I came across this one, its cute but simple at the same time and perfect for my lil’ guy. I made it just a little different, made the pattern a little bigger, instead of a face like it shows I just added a pocket to the front, added Velcro to keep it shut and a tag on the inside with his name on it, just in case it gets lost at the school. When I first made the straps they came out too short so thankfully I had fabric left over and was able to add extra onto what I already had and you really can’t tell. The button hole, well I hand stitched it, cause I still can’t get them done right on the machine, then I applied Fray Check around the button hole. Overall I think the backpack came out really cute and T LOVES it! I had it try it on a few times and he gets excited putting it on and then don’t want to take it off, so guess I did a great job right?!

I am excited and nervous about T going to school, I don’t know what I will do not having him here a few hours everyday, but I guess its a good thing. I just hope T has fun in school, its a good place and he has excellent teachers!


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