1st week of preschool (yes we made it thru it)

On Monday Sept. 24th – 27th T attended preschool and since it was his 1st week he actually did pretty good. But on the 3rd day of school I got a call in cause one of his teachers wanted to talk to me. The only thing that popped in my head was “well the call came later then expected cause I was expecting a phone call the first day” and D of course said the same thing I was thinking. Yeah T is a handful so we kinda expected a call the first day cause he is an only child and don’t have kids around him to play with so we didn’t really know how he was going to react in a school setting.

The teacher wanted to talk to me because T stands out from the rest of the kids cause basically he is the type that don’t like to sit still, c’mon he is only 3!! Get a reality check some 3 yr old kids don’t like to sit still there are toys they wanna play. So they complained about that, then they said when they are in circle of course he won’t sit still and that he will all of a sudden make faces. Um yea and your point is?! They think he has a tick or something cause he was making faces, all 3 of us make faces at each other all the time out of the clear blue, that’s because we aren’t a normal family we a dorky/funny family. The last was because they couldn’t understand what he was saying or he wouldn’t talk at much. Gee its his 1st week at school he don’t know anyone and yeah he has a problem saying a few words, he is only 3!! Needless to say when I left and got home I was excuse my language PISSED, there is nothing wrong with my child, he is a typical busy 3 year old, what do you want me to do?! Make him act like the other kids and be the perfect little 3yr old that everyone loves? I don’t think so, that’s what is wrong with society anymore, everyone has to be molded out of the same cookie cutter.

He goes to school Monday thru Thursday why they don’t have school on Fridays I have NO idea. So when he came home on Thursday the bus monitor told me T used great manners today. SEE there is nothing wrong with my child. I asked T “are you testing the teachers to see how much you can get away with?” his reply “yes!”, I looked at him and told him “thought so and good boy”. Yes that is what I said, why!? cause its the way I have always been I like to see how far I can push people to see if they can handle me at my worse.

Let’s see how next week goes for T, hopefully things start to get better so I don’t have to hear the teachers complain again cause he isn’t the “cookie cutter” child. I just refuse to let society mold my child into what they think a kid should be. I want T to use him imagination, have fun and just be himself but apparently they don’t see that in kids. Only thing that is going to happen is if they keep complaining and wanna try and mold my child into something he isn’t I will pull him out of school and keep him out and just home school cause it just isn’t worth fighting with these useless people.

Oh also on a good note, T made mommy 3 pictures at school and it made me want to cry cause I thought it was something really nice and I just loved them and he was all excited telling me about the pictures!


One thought on “1st week of preschool (yes we made it thru it)

  1. I am soooooo proud! He toughed out a brand new experience that alot of kids would end of not making after day one only because of being away from his parents, but not T! I am super confident that he will be just fine next week and beyond!


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