Kid’s favorite song

T has a song he LOVES to listen to. Now its not your normal children’s song or anything normal lol. Don’t get me wrong he loves all sorts of music, but not really into that kids music which I don’t blame him. He loves his Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Black Sabbath and much more, just like his mumma & daddy but he has been listening to that music since before he was born. We came across this song one time watching Storage Wars and well its a funny song and you just can’t help but listen to it. So now every time I decide to play music instead of having the TV on T comes up to me and says “chicken song?” I tell him “yes I will play you your song”. So here is the song he loves its called Chicken Techno by Oli Chang.

What’s your child(ren)s favorite song they like to listen to?


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