Goodbye hurricane Sandy

Yup where we live we got part of hurricane Sandy, but thankfully since where we are located we didn’t get any damage. We have been getting rain since last week, I guess last night is when we got part of the hurricane which they then in turn called it a tropical storm. We got some major wind and lots of rain, but that was it, of course a ton of the schools around here were closed, even T’s preschool. Man having him home from school, wow, he was a total brat, he is used to leaving at 12pm and coming home at 4:30pm and he just pushed all my buttons today and didn’t wanna listen, I can’t wait til he goes back tomorrow! I just want to say thank God we didn’t get hit as bad as some people were thinking, and hopefully this weekend the sun will come out and start drying up the sogginess.

To those who were in the path of hurricane Sandy, I hope you are safe and sound.


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