This year T didn’t go trick-or-treating and to be honest its a good thing. It was really cold and rainy here still from what we got from hurricane Sandy. The main reason why T didn’t go is because he didn’t want to get dressed up, we bought a pirate costume for his birthday and we had to fight with him then to try to put on and was a fail. We asked him a few times during October and he kept saying no and would get mad at us for asking. Another reason why he didn’t go is because he HATES candy, I know what kid hates candy? Well my kid does and I am actually thankful for that cause that means he won’t be like some of these kids and be addicted to candy. So we figured why fight with T to get his costume on and make him do something he has no interest in, so he could get his parents free candy? I think NOT, we are not that way, you do that you are basically using your kid to get free stuff. So since it was payday for D, we went shopping instead of trick-or-treating, and we asked him again if he wanted to go and again he said no so we didn’t even bother fighting with him. It was kinda funny we seen kids out trick-or-treating and I told T to look out the window and he just looked at them and rolled his eyes. So maybe next year he will be into it who knows?! If he never gets into it well we can always be the ones who give out candy, there is nothing wrong with that.

Some people think its weird cause T don’t like candy, I just want to know why is it weird? Is it because he is different? If that is the case then that is what’s wrong with half the people these days. But I do hope everyone who did participate had a good and safe Halloween!


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