Its here!!

My 4th Quilt for Kids kit came in the mail today! So I decided on Nov. 9th to request for another kit and I just received it today, I was shocked how quick it got here. The kits usually take bout 2 weeks to get here like they have before. The one I got this time was a common pattern they send to almost everyone but its okay I still love making these blankets, they are so much fun!

The fabric choice is really neat too! The backing is a nice green, there are yellow & orange for squares and a boys theme fabric for other squares and the thick border, then for the thinner border its striped colors. I love the boy themed fabric, it has baseball, converse high tops, sling shot, marbles, magnifying glass and other stuff. Its going to look awesome when I do get it done, but right now I kinda have a quilt I need to get finished for a custom order which I can’t wait til I can share with you guys!!

T was helping me open my gift of fabric which D wrapped each thing individually. My little booger stole my Mickey fabric, kept saying “my present”.

On another note yesterday November 12th I turned another year older can’t believe I am 25 yrs old! Didn’t do too much D made some delicious food for brunch and made some awesome spicy chicken pizza for dinner. D and T made me my birthday cake it was simple but cute, T was so proud he got to help with the cake. We also went over to my grams to visit and ourselves and my cousin hung up Christmas decorations for my grandparents, cause they said they are getting too old but want the decorations lol.

On a sad note my grandparents one dog named Corky passed away early morning on November 12th I guess my grandfather noticed Corky wasn’t making his normal sounds and checked and he was gone. My grandpa is taking it the hardest cause it was his dog, Corky was 14 yrs old, he lived older then expected for the type of dog he was.

So besides my grandparents dog passing and a little arguing my birthday turned out good. I got tons of cute Halloween fabric and fabric for the backing of my video quilt along. D told me go to JoAnns website and get $40 worth of fabric, didn’t have to tell me twice lol. Also go a bobbin sidewinder, its so frigging awesome, now when T helps me out with it he won’t be taking a chance at blowing up the motor in my sewing machine. Last thing I got was some hair dye cause man having gray hair SUCKS, been having major gray hair since I was 16 yrs old.

Well I hope everyone had a fun/safe holiday weekend, and thank you to those who are/have served for this country!

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