Pie Dish Carrier (tutorial included)

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I’ve been wanting to make one of these since Crafty Gemini posted the tutorial. Even tho I have MANY other items I need to get finished I wanted to take a little break from them and work on something else. I would say this took me about 2 hours give or take. Now it wouldn’t have taken so long BUT, 1st my machine decided to act all crazy thanks to T messing with it, after I got it fixed, T was just being a royal pest and wouldn’t stop. I did finally get it finished tho, and I think it came out really nice too. I chose a nice red fabric for the inside of the carrier and the outside well I chose some Star Wars fabric I had left over from tote bags. I couldn’t help but use it, me and D are major Star Wars fans so I thought it would be awesome to use that for the carrier.

If your interested in making one click on this link to the pie dish carrier. Its still Tuesday here where I live and Thanksgiving is still 2 days away so based on where you live, you still have time to whip up this cute carrier. Vanessa from Crafty Gemini shows how to make the carrier and her tutorial(s) are just amazing and really simple to follow. Heck if you don’t have one made for Thanksgiving there is always time for Christmas or whenever, they would even make great Christmas gifts to those who do a lot of baking, cause you can use this for more then just carrying pies.

On a side note: Anyone else’s kid(s) acting up lately with not wanting to listen or is it just mine? I am used to him being gone for 4 1/2hrs with school and last Thursday was his last day until next week, and he is just driving me nuts. I am at my point I want to pull my hair out. Thank goodness daddy dearest has Wednesday & Thursday off so he can be pestered by T the next 2 days lol.


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