Birthday blanket


I don’t know if some of you remember me mentioning my grams 70th birthday blanket? Well my grams turned 70 back in September and I made her a nice blanket that had all her grand kids names on it and her only great grandson. About two weeks later my mom brings it to me, I said “oh no what’s wrong with it?” She goes nothing, my grams wanted some hanging loops sewed on, cause she wanted to hang it up instead of using it and something happening to it. Plus my grams said it was very beautiful so she wanted everyone to see it. I got the loops sewed on and then about 2 or 3 weeks ago we took my grams shopping and she was looking at curtain rods, she asked me if I thought would be big enough for her window I didn’t think nothing of it. Then on Nov.16th we went over to visit and she said to check out her fireplace especially above it, and right there was the blanket I made her. I literally had tears cause that showed me that I must have done a good job to my grams display it. I quickly ran to my purse and grabbed the camera, yes my camera is always with me cause ya never know. I just looks amazing above her fireplace, I knew she was going to hang it of course she asked for the loops but I thought it would be in her room not the living room. I am just surprise that’s where she wanted it, so I guess I did do a great job right?! I guess the day it got hung up my gramps had his breakfast and went and hung it up for her, I thought that was really nice, since he has been down cause his dog died on my birthday (Nov.12th) he was I think 14yrs old, so I thought that was really nice of him to do that for my grams.

It goes to show, a lot of practice and patience, you eventually start making things to where people love to show it off!


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