I got 2 sick people :-(

T being really good at the E.R.

Poor D & T have been sick for awhile and I feel so bad for them. It doesn’t help that where D works, he works in a call center and its like an incubator of sickness all the time. Then with T being in preschool of course kids are always sick, so they both got sick. I am so glad I haven’t (knock on wood), cause if I get sick man no one likes me I am very miserable having to take care of 2 already sick and then being sick myself.

D has been sick for about 2 weeks give or take, he has a nasty cough and stuffy nose. To be honest I am so sick of hearing D coughing cause I just get a wicked headache with all the coughing he does. I know he can’t help it but it just drives me nuts, I know I sound weird but it just does. T has been sick since Thanksgiving, he woke up that morning and just puked at the bottom of our stairs, then Friday he got sick and Saturday he got sick twice so I decided to take him into the hospital. Boy that was basically a waste of time, we were there 3 hrs and the doctor didn’t even see us until being there 2.5hrs and all the doc was doing was sitting on his ass. Then when he did come into the room he smelled so frigging bad of cigarettes, are you frigging serious?! He said T has something viral and gave him medicine to stop the puking and sent us home, 3 hrs to just hear that? Now its Monday and T has gotten sick twice last night and once today so that means NO school for him today.

I just hope whatever T has is gone soon, I hate seeing him being sick. I try to do what I can for him but to me it seems like its not enough.


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