Merry Christmas!

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(yeah I know a day late)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Me and my family had a wonderful day, and it actually started Christmas eve. We started our family tradition this year and that was take T up to his room and read The Night before Christmas, he was so engrossed with the book it was cute, this year daddy read it to us. After we got T into bed, we went outside a few just to watch the snow fall, it was so beautiful it was lightly snowing, so that meant I got my wish and that was a white Christmas day! Christmas morning was funny/cute, we set our alarm so we knew we would be awake before T and guess what?! T didn’t get up until 8:30am and he is usually up much sooner than that. We came down the stairs and he looks at the plate & mug we left out and seen they were gone but there was a note. Then looked at the tree and said “PRESENTS!!” then turned around and said “UNCLE B!”, my brother came over Christmas eve but T was already in bed so it was a nice surprise to T, then his Gigi came downstairs and he goes “Gigi presents, Gigi present!”.

Everyone got cool gifts, I don’t know who loved their gifts more tho out of ma, D, or my bro? My ma got Mist of Pandaria (finally lol) for World of Warcraft and a Sabres shirt, D got Mist of Pandaria Limited Ed. player guide (yes I went thru Amazon but I good deals with having Prime) with the bamboo chop sticks, and the rest of series for The Transformers from years ago and finally a Dallas Cowboys shirt (he is big and hard to find for decent price), and my bro got a double electric burner or something like that, something he needs cause his place don’t have a stove. So all really great gifts for them. T was excited when he seen the one gift he received from Santa, he asked Santa for a Thomas and Friends toy, and he got the Steam & Speed toy. He LOVES that thing and already killed a set of batteries. I received a beautiful black and white bed set and it soo pretty and an popcorn maker, just like the old air popper ones! I was so excited cause it brought back memories of being a kid! I also got another gift that I so can’t wait to use, its a quilters ruler that measures 6″ x 24″ by Fiskars, its so awesome been wanting one for a while!

We went over to my grams for Christmas dinner and of course more gifts, and we all had a good time, except T was getting tired and turned into a major brat. One of the best/funniest gifts me & D received was from my uncle, we got a big box, opened it up and inside was 3 6-packs of Pepsi, he said he didn’t know what to get up, we told him that works for us!! We didn’t have a traditional Christmas dinner this year, my grams actually made corn beef buns, YUCK!! So I sat back and watched everyone else eat, maybe next year we can go back to a traditional dinner.

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas! It was so much fun and enjoyable, we all hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too!


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