Catch Up!


First I would like to say how has my followers been? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday which ever everyone celebrates!

(sorry this is a long post)

Been a while since I actually blogged about mommy stuff or even stuff actually dealing with T. Its been so crazy here at home ever since T started preschool, hard to believe my baby boy is in preschool already! T only goes to preschool from 12pm-4:30pm but he has learned so much and has over came a lot too.

When he first started back in Sept. the teachers had some concern about his speech and eating habits. I agreed to letting them do testing on T for his speech, boy that is not fun to go thru. I now know what my mother went thru when I was his age cause I had speech issues, to this day I still have problems with pronouncing certain words and there is times I get talking way to fast and start stuttering, so I have to stop and breathe and start all over again. T had to see two different ladies, both were very nice and good with T. The first test they did was psychological or something like that and they said he passed with flying colors! He is a fast learner and will probably still be like that when he gets older. The second test he did good on, there were parts he didn’t do to well but what do they expect when a kid is in a room for over an hour, they get tired of it right?! Well we had a special meeting to attend and they said his one score is on the negative side but its not to where he needs the help, so in 6 months they wanna test him again, but they see him right now as a 3 year old boy with NO disabilities, I was so excited when I heard that. Me and D showed up to Ts school to drop off things and both his teachers and our family advocate came up to us and said “T has gotten so much better since he started school, his speech is much clearer now” and they just kept going on about that, and this was in Dec. so only a few months after the testing they did in Oct. Now if we can get him to do better with his eating we will make even more progress, but we have been told that he does sit with his classmates for lunch and place everything on his plate but won’t eat. So that right there is improvement for him, my aunt who works there sat in one day and said he tried a fried tuna fish sandwich, she couldn’t believe it and we were shocked when she told us that. So hopefully soon he will be back to eating regular food with everyone.

Potty training well, we are still working on it. He wears his underwear all day and even at school, he has a few accidents at school but that’s okay. Its actually kinda funny, he has an accident at school, but when he is at home he has none. Maybe its because he don’t get to the potty quick enough or something. Now nighttime, we are def still working on, he wears his pull-up which he fights about, but we have scrubbed his bed so much from letting him wear underwear at bedtime, we know he just isn’t ready yet. As long as we keep working with him that’s all and to not push it too far.

Me and D are doing great, hard to believe we have been together about 5.5 years. He is truly an amazing man and a great dad for T. We are hoping to someday expand our family, but right now its hard due to health issues on my part. But I know someday we will be blessed with another child. We are hoping within a few months we can find another place to live. I have lived here since 2003, it was me, my ma, her bf (now ex) and my bro, now we have grown older, bro moved out and my fiance moved in and we have a child and ma still lives here too. We are just getting too big for this apartment, plus we have a cat but sadly he can’t be here so he lives out with my grandparents and I miss him. So we hope to find a bigger place for all of us, plus I would love to maybe have a room for just the sewing. Right now our dinning room is that, part sewing section and part bedroom, cause we have T’s dresser downstairs cause his room is too small.

Today was a bumming day for myself. I think I caught what T has or something, I woke up and felt like complete poo. Thankfully my ma was nice enough and did the cleaning today that I have been slacking off on lately, and just let me get some well needed sleep. I am already starting to feel better, so maybe its just the 24hr bug or I was just over exhausted and needed more sleep, who knows?!

I think that brings me up to date with stuff, of course there is more but I don’t think people need to read a novel, heck this is a long post to begin with lol. I feel like a bad blogger cause I haven’t really posted much about being a SAHM, its been more about my sewing. Maybe I should change the subject of this blog, or actually start writing again more. Ever have those times where man ya wanna blog about something but you feel like its just going to be a waste?! Well if you do, just type it, so what if there are people that don’t care, at least you got it off your chest, right?!

Well to my followers, I am sorry for not keeping up with everything here. Just being a parent is crazy and I keep having writers block I guess. But thank you to those who still stick by and keep following me. Much love to everyone!!


One thought on “Catch Up!

  1. How time sure does fly when your having a blast being a parent. T has made some amazing strides in his development and a good portion of that comes from you and me and ma working with him long before he went to school.and 5 and a half years came in the blink of an eye. The only thing I don’t want is to have the rest of our lives go by that fast. I love you!


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