We finally got hit with some major snow here in WNY on Dec. 26th, all I gotta say is I don’t know who was more excited me, T or D about all the snow. On Dec. 27th me and T went out and played in the snow and had a blast, sadly daddy couldn’t be there cause he had to work. I measured the snow and there was about 10-11 inches of snow on the ground. T thought it was funny to take and throw snow balls at mommy, but then thought was even more funnier when he got to push mommy down into the snow.


Then T wanted to make a snowman, one problem, he wanted the snowman but didn’t wanna help make one the little booger. So I got stuck doing almost the whole thing but its okay he came out really frigging cute! I used some rocks for his eyes and buttons but used straws for his nose and mouth, cause with the animals around here they would eat the carrot lol. The snowman is on the small side but is perfect and cute just for T.
Its now Dec. 30th and there is even more snow on the ground I would say about 13 inches or more. All I know is it looks awesome and we all love it, but can’t go out for a bit cause me and T are sick from being outside too long like 2hrs playing in the snow.
Hope everyone else is enjoying this wonderful snow like we are!

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