Fun in the…mud?!


LOVE how this picture came out!! Just kept taking pictures and hoping for the best lol

It was really nice weather here, which I am glad we actually had cause me, D and T got outside for about an hour and enjoyed some fresh air. Well T found a nice “muddle puddle” as he calls it and was having a blast jumping in it. Normally T doesn’t like getting into mud but today was completely different. He kept jumping in it and having way too much fun. He was covered in mud and water so that’s why we only stayed out for an hour cause it was little windy and didn’t need him getting sick with being wet. Thankfully D was able to get T’s snow boots cleaned cause his rain boots got broke and well in the trash. It was just really nice spending time outside with my two favorite guys!! I know it did all 3 of us good and especially T cause he got to run around and just be a kid unlike when he is inside. Well we hope you all had a wonderful day I know we did!!


Ready to come in to get a nice warm bath. He had a blast!!

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