Toddler activity/learning binder


This is the funnest thing I’ve made for T and its education too! Back in August 2013 I made a cute little coloring folder for T, I printed off some Thomas & Friends pictures placed inside plastic sheets and got dry-erase markers and tada he had a coloring book he could color clean off and color again. Well after awhile he got tired of it and well he forgot about it, some of the plastic pages got ripped cause he didn’t take good care of it. Well just a few days ago I actually went and got him a binder, new plastic pages and new markers for it. Then I went online and found some really cute education pages to print off, some are of tracing the lines and matching colors and some other stuff for his age and maybe a little bit older like with writing his name.

When I showed T his binder he thought it was cool! He did good at tracing the heart on the first page and he did another page where he had to match the colors. But then in the back I added his coloring pages man he got even more excited over that! I think its something good to have cause then T can just sit down and work on some of the pages or just do his coloring. He even has a folder that has plain white paper he can get his crayons and do some coloring. I even went and bought one of those pencil holders the fabric ones that hook to the binder on the rings and in there is his dry-erase markers, Thomas & Friends fabric napkin & crayons. He loves that he can unzip it to get what he needs out and zips back close.

So looking for something to put together to keep your kid(s) busy while you are shopping or at an event or even on the road you can make one of these. Really easy to do and fairly cheap to make. If you can’t print off stuff, you can go and buy activity books carefully take out the pages you want and place into the plastic sheets, this way they can re-use over and over instead of only once.


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