Dish towel tablecloth

I love pinterest, I have found so many cute sewing ideas and much more. This I came across and saved it, I couldn’t wait to make this. I finally got a square table a while ago, and I’ve been wanting a table cloth, well all the ones I seen were pricey. Then I came across this pin and I knew this would be perfect! It cost me $9 to make a table cloth I really love, now the one I found it was made with different designed table clothes. Mine I did with all the same except one, because I thought I had enough but I didn’t so had to try and find another but they were out so I got another and it looks really cute.

The table cloth is 3 towels by 3 towels and it fits perfect and even has a good amount of over hang. So if your looking for a cute sewing idea I would suggest making one of these, it took me about 30 mins to 1 hr to make it and I love it!!

Here is the link to the site for the tutorial:


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