Tardis from Doctor Who dice bag!!


I received a custom order for a Tardis dice bag, the lady is actually a close friend of ours. She contacted me and sent me a link of one, she asked if I could make one like this but include the words and such, I told her no problem. I love Doctor Who, its a really good show to watch but coming up with a pattern to make a dice bag was not so easy. i wanted to make a bag that looked nice and was still a dice bag. Thankfully D was able to help me out with making a pattern, man I would be lost without him, he helped me out a lot with coming up with a pattern.

The first one I made was a trial and that had a flip top open, but I made it just to see how/what needed to be done. With this one I did just scrap fabric for the top and wrote in the letters an the windows looked like crap lol. After making the first one and figuring out how to make it better, I finally got to work on it. All the lettering was printed on the fabric and then appliqued it onto the fabric, the windows I appliqued on too. The hardest part was making it a drawstring top since it is a dice bag, but after a lot of thinking I finally got it done. The finished size is 4″ on sides and bottom and about 8″ tall, a good sized dice bag!

I am really proud of myself on how this Tardis dice bag came out, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it but I did. I found out how creative I actually am, if I was able to make such an awesome bag like this I have to be really creative. To all my fellow Whovians (Doctor Who fans), I hope you guys like this bag, our dear friend loves the bag it was a gift for her husband and he loves it too!

Like I asked our friend “Is it bigger on the inside, or smaller on the outside?”. Anyone who watches Doctor Who will understand that statement!


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