Go away sickness…


I have been sick since last and I can’t take it. Everyone else in the house has already been sick, and I thought man I got lucky I didn’t get hit with it and BAM I am sick. I went to the docs on Thursday they said I just have a cold and gave me medicine, been taking it and seems to be a little better but not much. I am now coughing really bad and losing my voice, but I don’t have the runny nose anymore lol. The coughing as been under control, its not too bad but man when I get a coughing spell ugh its bad, I get headaches from it. My voice, only reason I am losing it cause T is just pushing all my buttons and I have to keep yelling at him and well there went my voice. I am just tired of having this cold I so can’t wait til its fully gone, I still have 6 days left on my medicine so lets hope within those days my cold gets better.

This cold has gotten to me so bad, that I had to post on Kreative Sewing by Mumma’s page that I couldn’t take any orders cause I am so sick. I seriously just can’t get into sewing with being sick, and I don’t wanna mess up on anyone’s orders. Plus I already have 2 quilts that have been ordered that have already been put on hold, thankfully its for a family and a friend so they understand. I just hope no one gets upset cause I can’t take orders, but with being this sick I can’t. I hope to everyone out there that is sick I hope you feel better!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


9 thoughts on “Go away sickness…

  1. Get well soon! My daughter is going through the same thing right now. She was on antibiotics for10 days, only to find out they wasn’t doing anything for her. So now she is on something stronger. If you have of the symptoms (which it sounds like you do) I hope you get well very soon, and quickly. xoxo


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