Valentines Day!


(My big balloon lol)

We had a wonderful Valentines Day, D took the day off so he could be home and spend the day with us! T went to school, then D treated me and my ma out to lunch, then after a little bit we went and got T outta school early. Its so cute seeing T react when we pick him up early sometimes, he is so surprised and has to run and tell everyone, his teachers thinks its so cute and to his fellow students they call us mom & dad lol. Then we did a little shopping and had a good day, it was just nice spending time together has a family having a good day, much to our surprise T was actually really good for once!!

D got me a really big balloon, pink rose, card and candy bar. T got me a stuffed frog and chocolates, then him and daddy sat down and made me a really cute card! I didn’t really get D anything but a card and some of his favorite tea, cause he is a hard one to shop for, but he said it was perfectly fine and he loved what he got. I also got a few things as a early V-day gifts too! D bought me a new sewing machine this one is more advanced then my other one and I LOVE it!! Then I am participating in another Video Quilt Along by Crafty Gemini and the fabric she was using was pretty pricey and this one I loved the pattern she came up with and I loved the fabric choice so  D said I could get the fabric and would be another early V-day gift, man am I lucky to have such an awesome man! T made daddy gifts this year for Valentines Day, I got some canvas and let him do some painting for daddy. I took painters tape and made out the letters “I Love DADDY” and then let him paint and had to keep telling T he had to cover all the white spots. We took another piece of canvas and did T’s hand prints and I put a little poem with it.

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