Bye Bye “baby potty”

That’s right T said bye bye to his little potty. Well he called it the baby potty, which I thought was really cute. We took a trip to PA for a funeral and we didn’t take his little potty so he was told he had to use the big boy potty, and guess what he did! It was kinda cute, we were in the hotel room and he said “oh I gotta go poop” and ran into the bathroom, well I followed to help him up on the potty, he closes the door on me and says “no stay out” so I did. I slowly opened the door to check on him and there he was sitting on the potty going poo, then he looked up at me and said “no close door!”. I tell him thru the door if he needs help wiping his butt he said “no I do it” I said okay and let him be, he came out I told him let me check his bum and he actually wiped his butt clean lol.

He has been doing really good using the big boy potty, so him and his Gigi talked and agreed to put up his little potty and use only the big potty. I think what has been helping is at head start they make the kids use a regular potty there and they don’t help them so they can learn how to do it. We are just really proud of T with his potty training, now if we can just get the night time down I think we will be all set!


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye “baby potty”

  1. We taught our son on the big boy potty. At 21-months he now says poop when he has to go. We tried using a baby potty for a week but our son did not like it. He wanted to be on the big boy potty.
    Congratulations on your son using the big boy potty.

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy


    • We started T on the potty a little after he turned 1 year cause he was showing signs of wanting to use it, but he didn’t like the big potty so we got the little one, but now he loves being able to use the big potty, now if we can get him to stand and pee we will be doing better, he just refuses to stand and pee, he has done it a few times just won’t most of the time.


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