We moved!!


No the blog hasn’t moved or anything, but me and my family have moved into a new home! It used to be myself, T and my ma living in a housing apartment and D was living down the road with my grandparents and well this weekend we finally moved into a new place all together!! We have been looking for a place to move so we all can be together and we finally found a place, no we aren’t buying (yet!) but its a rental and there is nothing wrong with that lol. Its a cute little house, the outside isn’t much to see but the inside I love it!! We started moving stuff in on Saturday Feb. 23rd and we just about have everything out of the old place, still some stuff there but we are slowly getting there.

decent view of dining room before we cleaned it

decent view of dining room before we cleaned it

T is excited about the move, he got a bigger room and loves it and all his toys actually fit in his room too, so a major bonus for us. Today we really got stuff done around the new place, the dining room was a disaster and its now looking way better. You can actually see the floor and can walk around without bumping into something. Oh man I just had a thought, the way the dining room used to be, reminds me of the show Hoarders on how you barely can move around, that’s how it was, but now its all cleaned and organized, well most of it, still needs more work.

after a few hours looks WAY better!!

after a few hours looks WAY better!!

We are still moving stuff in but we have plenty of time to get our stuff from the other place. The new place is slowly coming together and we couldn’t be any happier. I wanted to share this with everyone cause it explains the break I’ve taken from blogging and some of my readers know we have been wanting to move. The more we get done in the house, I will do another post with updates.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, I know we are going to be careful got a nasty storm moving in, right now its freezing rain and then turning into snow, so anyone being affected please be safe in the weather!


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